Creating conditions to maintain the health of the population of Ukraine through comprehensive care, rehabilitation and development of medical institutions and doctors of the country. 


of the Foundation

The Medical Wings of Ukraine Foundation was established to provide joint assistance to doctors.

 Ukraine endures hard times — it is not a movie, nor a dream, it is a real war! Thousands of people were injured and many were killed during the bombing of Ukrainian cities and homes. A large number of residents had to move to other regions and countries. Unfortunately, many hospitals and medical facilities have been destroyed, but doctors continue to provide assistance.

 We are helping Ukrainian medical workers who are saving our lives and now need significant support. We are focused on the restoration and development of the medical service of Ukraine.

Medical institutions turn to us with requests, our mission now is to help and ensure stable work of hospitals. Our volunteer projects are gaining momentum, doctors are sending applications, and assistance is rendered to those who need it most. We are launching our new stage, the Medical Wings of Ukraine Charity Foundation, which will allow doctors to work and provide highly qualified care to Ukrainians.

We are looking for support and partners all over the world. We appeal to our colleagues and every person who is able to help.

Values of the Foundation:

Professionalism and competence

Our team consists of specialists who possess the required knowledge and experience, and who love their work. This allows us to solve problems effectively and achieve better results.


We work for the benefit of Ukrainian medicine. We do everything in our power to meet our goals and objectives.


We are open to cooperation on behalf of our medical institutions. We value and respect all our partners and strive to make our joint work as comfortable and productive as possible.