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Informatization of Medical Institutions

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Center for primary health care of the Volnovaha city territorial community

The institution that provided ambulatory qualified medical care to the adult and children population of the Volnova district was destroyed as a result of military operations, and the medical equipment was completely destroyed. Today, the hospital with its medical staff has moved to a safe place on the territory controlled by Ukraine. In order to resume work, the medical institution needs external financial assistance more than ever. Health is the priceless wealth of each individual, and of the entire society as a whole.

Purpose: Providing hospitals with computer equipment and long-term software solutions, ensuring their efficient and smooth operation.

Description: Information technology has long been actively applied in health care. Modern IT projects have a positive impact on the development of new methods of medical care management. Conducting online consultations of patients and staff, exchange of information about patients between different institutions, remote recording of physiological parameters — all these opportunities are provided by the use of software solutions in medicine.


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