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Medical Reading and Description Stations

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National Cancer Institute of Ukraine

The modern National Cancer Institute of Ukraine is a clinically and research internationally accredited oncology center, which is an integral part of specialized and highly qualified medical care in Ukraine. In addition to medical and scientific activities, the staff of the National Cancer Institute helps colleagues to master new technologies. Unique operations are performed at the National Cancer Institute, even during martial law, and specialists from the National Cancer Institute continue to work 24/7.

Purpose: Supply of medical reading and description stations for Ukrainian radiologists and the full range of services related to the use of these stations.

Description: When a large number of patients need help, it is highly important to make quick and accurate diagnoses. This becomes possible when working on modern high-tech equipment with various functions.

Currently there is a need to supply radiology stations, as well as the software for viewing X-ray images and connecting to the PACS24 cloud archive, which allows the exchange and description of examinations. The use of stations provides an opportunity to conduct effective treatment of Ukrainians and monitor the dynamics of their diseases.


Medical Reading and Description Stations198000 €
General198000 €

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