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Providing the hospital with a car for transporting patients and medical personnel

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Комунальне підприємство “НікопCommunal enterprise “Nikopol City Children’s Hospital of the Nikopol City Council”ольська міська лікарня” дитяча Нікопольської міської ради”

provides primary specialized and palliative medical care to children and adults in the cities of Nikopol, Pokrov, Marganets and the Nikopol region, and during the time of martial law in Ukraine to temporarily evacuated citizens. Despite the situation in the country, the children’s hospital works as usual – the team is always on guard for children’s health: in urgent, difficult and acute cases, reception is open 24 hours a day.

Purpose: to provide the hospital with a car for the transportation of patients and medical personnel.


The availability of a modern car will primarily improve the provision of timely and high-quality medical care to the children of Nikopol. It will make it possible to quickly conduct the necessary research to make the correct diagnosis. That is why one of the areas of use of this car will be the transportation of doctors to patients, medicines to the hospital, biomaterials and tests to clinical and diagnostic laboratories. Just such a car was already intended for the hospital at the beginning of the war, but the hospital management decided to give it to the needs of the Armed Forces, where it was badly needed.


Auto120000 €

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