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Telemetric Diagnostic Systems

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The “Chuguiv City Center of Primary Health Care” Municipal Enterprise of Chuguiv City Council of the Kharkiv region

has been working all the time, actively helping all residents of the city. Most of Russia’s shelling of the city was chaotic, directed purely against civilians. Many medical measures are required to restore the health of the city’s residents. The hospital needs help to provide effective and timely medical care.

Purpose: Purchase of diagnostic systems

Description:  In the conditions of martial law in Ukraine, when medical institutions, equipment and infrastructure are destroyed, the use of diagnostic systems is not only necessary but rather indispensable.

Remote operational diagnostics is an important element of the treatment process for timely and effective medical care for citizens of Ukraine with limited access to doctors. Telemetric diagnostic complex provides significant advantages. It ensures opportunities to obtain objective data on the condition of patients, conducting highly qualified online consultations with leading specialists.


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Take up our initiative and raise funds for the purchase of much-needed telemetric diagnostic systems for the Ukrainian medical institutions. Click “Donate Now”

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